Do You Measure the Cost of Doing Nothing?

Posted by: Don on Monday, 23 January 2012

CFOs and other business executives routinely measure many returns: investment, reputation and objective. These metrics give them a snapshot of business health. But how many of them measure the factors that contribute to an unhealthy business? The “cost of doing nothing” is another return you can measure to index the price of operating at the status quo this year. Financial executives who do probably will find that inertia robs their organizations silently. (more…)

A Penny for Your Thoughts – or an Enviable P/E Ratio for Your Actions

Posted by: admin on Thursday, 29 December 2011

You know that doing the same thing, the same way, year after year, can spell doom in this economy. Stagnant companies simply cannot compete; the true profit-makers are those boldly innovative companies that continually seek new ways to re-invent themselves. These organizations gain competitive advantage through the introspective review of their indirect administrative and other back-office operational expenses.

PRP works with and examines some of the most innovative profit-making clients in America. From them, we’ve learned that leading companies with enviable P/E ratios share some important characteristics. The true profit-makers: (more…)